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Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + L – Lock your Chromebook’s screen.


Ctrl + Shift + Q – Log out of your Chromebook. Press the key combination twice to quit.


Alt + E – Open the Chrome browser’s menu. This only works if a Chrome browser window is open and focused.


Alt + 1-8 – Launch applications located on Chrome OS’s “shelf,” or taskbar. For example, Alt + 1 will launch the first application shortcut from the left.


Alt + [ – Dock a window to the left side of your screen.


Alt + ]  – Dock a window to the right side of your screen.


Ctrl + Switcher/F5 – Take a screenshot and save it to your Downloads folder The Switcher key is located in place of the F5 key on a standard keyboard.


Ctrl + Shift + Switcher/F5 – Take a screenshot of part of the screen. Use the cursor to select the part of the screen you want to save.


Alt + Search – Toggle Caps Lock. The Search key has a magnifying glass on it and is in place of the Caps Lock key on typical keyboards.


Shift + Esc – Launch the Task Manager.


Display Settings


Ctrl + Shift and + – Increase screen scale, making items appear larger on your screen.


Ctrl + Shift and - – Decrease screen scale, making items appear smaller on your screen.


Ctrl + Shift and ) – Reset screen scale to the default setting.


Ctrl + Shift + Refresh/F3 – Rotate your screen 90 degrees. The Refresh key is located where the F3 key would be located on typical keyboards.


Ctrl + Immersive Mode/F4 – Configure display settings when an external monitor is connected. The Immersive Mode key is located where the F4 key would be located on typical keyboards.


Ctrl + 1 activates the first tab in the current window


Ctrl + 2 activates the second tab. 


Ctrl + T will open a new tab


Ctrl + W will close the current tab. 


Ctrl + L will focus the location bar so you can immediately start typing a new search or website address.


Ctrl+Backspace to delete the previous word 


Ctrl + Z to undo


Ctrl+X - Cut


Ctrl+C - Copy


Ctrl+V - Paste.


Ctrl + Alt + ? (or Ctrl + Alt + / ) to open a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet at any time. This cheat sheet allows you to view all your Chromebook’s keyboard shortcuts.